Rent the Equipter Roofer Buggy in Pennsylvania

The Equipter Roofer Buggy (Equipter RB4000) is a portable motorized collection container that can be raised to a height of 12 feet and is able to dump its load onto the ground, into a dumpster, or into a dump truck. The buggy was originally designed for roofing contractors but has become an invaluable tool for all kinds of construction jobs. This machine will make your roofing jobs a breeze!

Equipter Roofer Buggy

Roofer Buggy Features

See some of the key features of the Equipter Roofer Buggy available for rent in Lebanon, Berks and Lancaster County.

12' Lift + Extensions

12′ Lift + Extensions

An Equipter Roofer Buggy can lift 12′ and with additional extensions even further. Here a customer used it to remove trash from an attic space 25+ feet off the ground.

Feature 2

3,360 LBS Capacity

The RB4000 Equipter Roofer Buggy has a total weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. The machine weighs 4,150 lbs and has a hauling capacity of 3,360 lbs with a 4,000 lift capacity.

Feature 3

Easy Hookup

The Equipter Roofer Buggy offers a very easy hookup feature. Just drive the machine to your truck with the proper ball hitch, lower it, secure it and be on your way.

Delivery Available

We can deliver your Rental Equipter Roofer Buggy to most locations in Berks, Lebanon and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The delivery cost will be around $2.00 per mile.

Machine and Rental Details

Three PA Pickup Locations

Serving Berks, Lebanon, and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania with Equipter Roofer Buggy Rentals

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Stevens, PA 17578
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Newmanstown, Pa 17073
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201 3rd Street
Hamburg, PA 19526
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